Saturday, July 02, 2005

You might have already noticed....

With the advent of the advanced Blogger with Blogger Images, its really easy to put pictures into your (sometimes) daily Blog. It wasn't actually that difficult in the past as I just hosted my images on pBase, but Blogger Images does make it very, very easy & they host for you.

Having done years of presenting to Corporate customers & Business Partners, I agree 100% that "a picture tells a thousand words" & as I'm not brilliant at typing, pictures it is.

I shall endeavour to put a picture into every post I make to enable clearer understanding of what the hell I am ranting about. Clearly my Blog is read all over the world (having been slagged off by a Persian in previous posts!), so as not all viewers are native English speakers, maybe pictures would help.

Now comes the sticky problem of what picture I could put into this comment.....

I shall make this my comment on F1 - it is clearly full of not very nice tits, mostly those who run the sport!

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