Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8...

My idea for the Album title - "Probably the best concert... ever!"

I really can't wait for iTunes to have all the tracks available.

Opener from McCartney & Bono was excellent, Madonna was good, Annie Lennox alone on piano was moving, The Killers were exciting, Robbie Williams was about the best, The Who were great (I really like watching Pete Townshend, bit like seeing Oliver Reed with a guitar - you just don't know what the man will do!), and as Jonathan Ross said on air, it was a privilege to see Pink Floyd playing live after so long.

Just one thing missing - Queen. It brought back memories of Live Aid 20 years ago when Freddie Mercury just stole the show. No show stealers this time round, but if Freddie were still around - I'd put my money on him.

I just hope that it helps to achieve what Geldof is trying to make happen, making poverty history is one thing. Making Africa a self sustaining continent is another. Good luck to him - I hope it works.

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Mr Ports said...

I agree no one stole the show. But Ricky Gervais was very funny.