Saturday, July 02, 2005

I've had an idea....

Some clever little bastard is probably being paid to dream this shit up, but I've had a couple of what I think are brilliant ideas.

What about a Bluetooth enabled iPod (built in rather than the bolt on from NaviPlay) & a Bluetooth enabled car head unit? (Stereo radio to the plebs of the world)

You could enable the head unit to act as your hands free unit for mobile phone & the iPod could hook up to the head unit as a player?

Sony, get your arse into gear & get talking to those nice people at Apple, you would take the world by storm!


Mr Ports said...

Have you seen that the TomTom Go is now Bluetooth enabled so it not only acts as SatNav but also as hands free phone?

Ricey said...

I have seen the TomTom Go, it is brilliant. I saw it in a taxi in Lincoln last year. If my car didn't have SatNav already I would buy one - I might still for my Mothers car (which I use sometimes).

Looking at the timestamp - are u suffering insomnia with the new non nicotine regime?