Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Two responses to the terrorists....

Two other blogs have pointed me in the direction of these responses to the terrorists that attacked London last week.

Choddo found this on the Mayor of London website.

Tony Cocks found this on the The London News Review website.

I have to say I think the London News Review is better, but I'm sure that given free reign Ken Livingstone would have been equally direct.

Mr Livingstone has come a long way in my eyes. As I have said before, I am a Conservative middle Englishman - I vote Tory, always have, always will. [Bring back Mrs Thatcher or her incarnate is my view - everyone is entitled to a view!] Even with differing viewpoints, I agree with the Congestion charge Mr Livingstone introduced, he has clearly worked very hard to get the 2012 Olympics in London, his transport plan for London including extension of the Underground to support the East End & South East parts of London are designed to re-energise these areas.

He does have a chequered past from his spats with the Labour Party, but he is doing a good job now, his enthusiasm & passion in trying to make London the greatest capital city in the world deserves praise - even from a Tory!

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