Sunday, July 17, 2005

Do you get speed that you pay for?

I have had several issues with my ISP (ntl:) over the years, from billing to outage to dodgy modems.

When things got a bit too much (I was seriously pissed off that they had lost a payment & tried to charge me interest!) I threatened to cancel all of my services with ntl: & go buy Sky for my TV & get BT to provide me with broadband.

In the end I accepted their apologies & a free upgrade to the 2Mbps Broadband service for a year.

Since then I have been wondering whether they had ever remembered, they hadn't changed my billing, so had they reverted my service back down a notch?

I went in search of means to test the speed of my connection & came up with this. A simple, yet useful way of measuring your service level against what you pay for from, I know that there are other such tools out there that do the same thing & has written his own app. But, I like the fact that this one will also feed your results & responses back to your ISP.

The results are in - Downstream 1816Kbps, well within the 10% expectation of 1920Kbps (2Mbps). Upstream a lousy 186Kbps, again, as expected.

ntl: now offer a 3Mbps service, but it's a bit more expensive. Another argument with them I think about competitive providers may be on the cards as a means to get another free upgrade?

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