Thursday, July 21, 2005

Just when you recommend someone...

They let you down.

I may have to re-do my Hall of Fame\Hall of Shame, just when I had held the bright light of Fame to eXpansys, they fail to deliver.

I ordered a truck load of techno-goodies last week, nearly all the items were in stock, only 2 were out of stock with an estimated delivery to them of 2 days. I opted that they wait for all items to be in stock before shipping. So, I thought they would reserve my items & ship when all were ready & available, probably 2 or so days later.

No! They wait & wait, now only 2 items are in stock & the iPod I ordered is expected in 8 days time!!!!! A phone beating awaits them Monday AM.

Update : Monday AM phone beating resulted in them suddenly finding stock of 7 of my 9 ordered items, a part shipment for free (they waived the £2 surcharge).

Update Update : Part shipment arrived yesterday (Tuesday), now the TechFest of installing everything can commence! Should I read the manuals or not?????

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