Monday, May 02, 2005

Mayday means fete!

The Mayday fete at Hurstbourne Priors has been a fixture in my diary for a few years now, not for the fete itself, but for the Clay Pidgeon Shoot in the next field held to raise money for something or other.

It's only a small venue, it is quite good fun watching the locals have a go, mixing with the "ringers" who travel around winning the cash pool every year. Then there is the even more interesting sight watching a cross section of society from Gamekeepers to Gentry, Professional to Thug, Window Fitter to Plumber, Bankrobbers & others (I see myself in the "others" section by the way!) shoot with varying degrees of ability & I have to say it - safety. Some of the gun handling skills were terrible, CPSA safety course & CPSA membership for insurance should be mandatory for anyone wanting to shoot in a competition - only my opinion.

I only shot one round, with a 20 bore, I scored 31 ex 40, so not bad, but no prize. The winner shot 4 rounds & scored 39 ex 40.

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