Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Customer service....

No, not a gripe or tale of woe. A true story of good customer service, no - two of them!!!!

Saturday - went shopping in the retail mecca that is Salisbury (on my own) I had a lad thing to pick up that I had ordered from Greenfields (Gunsmiths) & wanted to go to MotaMan for some Autoglym (they stock the entire range of commercial stuff). I wandered into the Vodafone Store with a general enquiry about getting a 2nd SIM for my car. Something I had been told by other Vodafone stores as being a bit difficult & not something they really recommended. The Sales Assistant in Salisbury just got on & did it, no bitching, no fussing, no moaning or groaning when he was hanging on the phone to Vodafone HQ trying to sort it out - he just did what I knew was possible. He didn't even charge me, quite the contrary, he found a better tarrif for me whilst I was there!

Friday\Monday - with new car purchase I had to change insurance for it, with the added complication of transferring my cherished plate I needed dual cover for a couple of days whilst the Audi dealership did its stuff. Jason at A-Plan Insurance brokers in Alton (who I have never met, but have spoken to on a few occasions) again, just sorted it. No fuss, no charge, just happy to help & clearly wants to retain my business.

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