Thursday, May 12, 2005

People analysis....

At my customer today I met a guy, well actually he is a shrink. He is flown all over the world at great expense by his employer (my customer) to meet & analyse the senior management of the businesses. He reports back & holds sessions where the management are gathered together to discuss each others failings & bad points - how therapeutic!?

He was introduced to me as he had a question about my car parked outside (he has a BMW 7 Series & is looking to change it for an Audi A8 - apparently!?). I did think for a nanosecond about going down the path that I have such a large car because it's really just an extension of my penis etc etc, but thought better of it. So I just answered normally & gave my opinion on what a nice car it is. It still feels like I was being analysed & measured by him though, I really wonder sometimes & I don't understand some people when they just don't stop work mode.

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