Saturday, May 07, 2005

The best eye test, ever!

I had today the best experience of a process that I usually hate, an eye test. I dislike it because it probably means great expense & investment in new glasses, sunglasses, shooting\squash glasses which adds up to a pretty penny. You are also subjected to a bloke pushing his face around yours with a small bright torch beaming away in your eyes!

All of that happened, but the prescription hadn't changed so no new glasses required.

I did however ask that my current glasses be adjusted and that the pads be replaced. I was passed on to the sexiest Opticians Assistant ever who had the most fantastic cleavage on public show. After she had replaced the parts, then pushed & pulled the frames & placed them on me she asked me to follow her hand around with my eyes to see if she had adjusted the glasses correctly, where do you look!? She didn't seem to mind & made light of it, brilliant.

If Heineken were Opticians, they would come 2nd place to these. Memory Opticians

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