Monday, May 30, 2005

Another long weekend....

Made longer by a few things.... Saturday during the day I start to jet wash the patio, big patio, long job, so decide to do it over a couple of days, then Saturday late PM the drains (luckily the kitchen sink & garden hose drain, nothing worse!) block up! So on a Bank Holiday weekend should I call out Dyno-Rod & get charged £400? No, on Sunday AM I go out & buy my own set of shiney drain rods, then go back & buy another set because the first set wouldn't reach the blockage, all sorted in 4 hours on Sunday morning - ah what fun.

Sunday PM & Monday continue to jet wash the patio & teak oil the garden furniture, all finished by 7:00pm, time to have dinner & retire to bed for a short working week. Most people appear to be on leave this week, so will try to have a quiet one.

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