Friday, May 20, 2005

Been away.... time to catch up

I have been on a week of leave from work & thought it better to reflect rather than get over excited like my earlier post entitled "Wahoooooooo - its Friday, and I'm now on holiday...."

Had a good week off, went to France, had some lovely food, brought back a load of food, wine, beer & booze that I'll cook & enjoy over the next couple of weeks or so (longer for the alcohol - honest). Asparagus, Prawns, Mussels, Champagne to name but a few. Had the mussels last night - lovely!! Tommorrow I will cook an Asparagus & Cheese tart that I saw in The Sunday Times Magazine a few weeks ago.

Am off to Salisbury tommorrow to have a go at contact lenses at the best opticians in the world (see earlier post) & take a recent addition to my collection of Browning shotguns to Greenfields gunsmiths for a few modifications. A 16 bore Browning 325 Grade 6 that kicks like a mule as its too short in the stock for me, so am having a Kick-Eeze pad put on that will take it to 15" & having the horrible polyurethane stock taken back down & oiled properly. Am going to Greenfields first as my normal Gunsmith fell through his roof two weeks ago & will be out of action for a few months. When Greenfields have done I will take it to him to get the stock reshaped & re-chequered & a silver insert put in the stock to match my others.

Had some news that a friend of mine has just lost his entire hard disk drive - nothing backed up at all. I created a database for him 7 years ago & he has lost the lot - I am inclined to say what a twat, but am feeling charitable. Anyone know any good data recovery services near Birmingham?

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