Friday, June 03, 2005

Another gadget!

I have over the last few years had an interest in that very British subject - the weather. See earlier post Feb 21st 2005.

I have several Oregon Scientific Weather monitors, but have today gone for the Full Monty version - the Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Station with wind meter, barometer, hygrometer, rain measure, thermometer to name but a few.

All sorts of data can be shared via the software that comes with it, see the Wellesbourne Airfield website for an example.

See here for full details from Oregon Scientific.

Update : all installed & running, wind meter is set on top of flagpole (yes, I have a flagpole!), the whole thing will link to PC via RS232 cable & I will try to make Andover weather reports available to the world via my website! I know how to spoil my readers & viewers!

Updated update : the flagpole wasn't good enough, the wind swirled & generally gave insufficient reading for the device. So tommorrow an Aerial & Antenna contractor is visiting to put the anemometer (wind meter to you and me) on the pole to which my TV Aerial is fitted, on my chimney stack, about 20 metres up(hence the contractor, I'm not going 20 metres up a ladder!) I have made the necessary brackets, so should be a quick visit. Solar power & wireless technology means it should be up there for a while without any maintenance - fingers crossed.

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