Thursday, January 03, 2008

Designer shite.....

I had the misfortune of finding these in the interweb today.... As you will have seen from my previous posts, I'm into conspicuous consumption and excess, I even have a passing interest (okay, great interest) in guns, but these caught my eye as a complete load of old shite.

The sales patter...... "Philippe Starck's intention for the Flos Gun Lamp for was to create objects which remind us that our state of well being is the result of somebody else dying - contentious maybe?"

"The gun light has a body made of die cast aluminium with an injection moulded polymer overprint and gold plated finish. The diffuser or shade is matt black plasticized paper with a silk screen gold printer inner."

The reality - artist trying to cash in on tools of war made from die cast aluminium with an injection moulded polymer coating (plastic coated gold plated aluminium replica to you and me). Hurry now, they've been reduced in price! No suprise there then! And given the artists name the price tag is ludicrous - the full set will cost you £2,830.00

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