Monday, December 31, 2007

Ever wanted to fly a helicopter......

...... but thought it was too expensive?

Then thought about getting a radio controlled helicopter, but discovered that they are really difficult to fly and they also cost a load of money to buy and then repair (repeatedly!)?

Well, there is now an answer to your dreams - the Air Hogs Helix - available at Argos for just £59.99, it is an amazing bit of kit. Easy to setup, very easy to fly, very stable and a great deal of fun both indoors and out.

The contra-rotating blades make it very stable, the small thruster propellers make it highly manoeuvrable in all directions and best of all the on board rechargeable battery gives about 10 minutes on a 50 minute charge.

UPDATE : it flies better and longer if you take the oversized polystyrene body off, I might even look at fitting a bigger battery as minus body it now has more payload so it can fly for even longer. Also, if you have the misfortune of knackering the blades (and then the spares that come with it!) you can order more from Spin Master Toys UK Ltd. for £4.99 incl. P&P on 01628 535000

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