Thursday, January 10, 2008

A plank from the past.....

.... or to be precise an Optica Industries OA7, which started out life as the Edgley Optica EA7 but after crisis after crisis followed by a few ownership changes (Brooklands Aerospace, Lovaux, FLS etc..) things weren't going too well & they stopped production.

Such hopes had been pinned on this aircraft as a viable surveilance platform, but sadly the fatal crash of the Hampshire Police aircraft put an end to that scheme and was probably the nail in the coffin.

The last 3 remaining registered aircraft have turned up at my local airfield at Thruxton, so very unusually for me I took a photo of one, even though its a plank wing & very much against my better judgement to snap things with wings on them.

Unusual aircraft with local connections to me, as they started out life being produced at Old Sarum near Salisbury - until a suspicious fire burnt the hangar & its contents (including a number of OA7's and a civil registered Gazelle helicopter [G-SFTE]) down to the ground.

UPDATE : Looks like my anonymous commentator is right.... link. I wonder if the presence of the aircraft at Thruxton is linked?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is reincarnation.
A company in Waco Texas plans on building the planes. The idea is they will be used in border surveillance. BLAC British Light Aircraft owns the plane now.
I built an RC version.