Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year....

...... New cookware.

It's been time for a change for a while, but I've finally taken the plunge and replaced my pots & pans.

May not be important to everyone, but as I enjoy my cooking and spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen it's important to me.

Loads of bargains to be had at the moment, but the best place to buy I've found is Cookware Online or Bhs Home in Reading.

For once the marketing blurb is spot on.... "Tefal and I see these as the ultimate set of pots and pans, giving you control and comfort, ease of use, value for money, durability and the versatility so you can be the best in the kitchen you can possibly be" - they are also dishwasher safe (unlike the Tefal Circulon ones which end up going white!!).

So far, I'm very impressed with them.

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