Wednesday, January 17, 2007

HP Media Centre PC.....

Over the New Year my brother visited from up north, he spent a fair amount of his time here talking over his idea for a Media Hub & browsing the internet looking for a new PC. He wanted to replace his ageing laptop that is on it's way out with a Media Hub PC of sorts, but he couldn't decide on whether to build his own, or buy something in the online sales that had the basics he could build on.

In the end he decided on the latter, after he left I also decided that I would use the New Year sales as a way to get together a Media Hub PC for my home.

So I have embarked on the plan to get my newly purchased HP Pavillion t3660 stuffed full of upgrades & goodies that will enable me to use it as a Digital Media Hub in the home, a touch more RAM, loads more storage, a Digital TV tuner and a Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition are first on the list. I'm sure a lot more additions in the future will make it nearly as slow as my creaking Sony Vaio desktop!

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