Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dubarry boots.....

Although not part of the horsey fraternity, I have invested in a pair of Dubarry Wexford boots (right), mainly for my shooting activity, for years I have sworn by the Le Chameau Vierzonord neoprene lined wellies (below left) which have served me very well indeed for a good number of years, I will still retain them for very wet days & fishing.

I know several people who have Dubarry boots & not one has anything negative to say about them (apart maybe the price!), everyone who has a pair speaks in high praise of them & I have to say they really are as good as people say. I am very impressed, very comfortable, warm & completely waterproof. Excellent for walking around on rough ground & they appear to be comfortable enough to spend a day in without getting tired feet.

I first saw them in the flesh at the CLA Game Fair in the summer when I saw very nice young ladies wearing them with very nicely tailored short tweed skirts & jackets looking very aloof & some posh looking chap wearing a panama hat, check shirt & cords standing in a bucket of water drinking a cold beer in the 90 degree heat demonstrating how waterproof they were - what a great job - I might apply!?

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