Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas & New Year washout!

At exactly 4pm on Christmas Eve I noticed that I had the beginnings of a sore throat. Needless to say it escalated to worse on Christmas Day itself, followed by two weeks of general cold & flu symptoms, followed by an eye & ear infection, interspersed by visits to various chemists, dispenseries & Doctors surgeries.
It was such a shame to end up not celebrating in any great way, and worse still throwing away a lot of food that I just wasn't interested in consuming - which for me is highly unusual. Luckily the un-opened bottle of alcohol will keep for a while yet!
I'm still not 100% back on form as I am struggling to shake off the cough, but I am at least back at work & not bored shitless.
Santa was very kind again this year, followed by a little dive into the online New Year sales which threw up bargains from Dubarry, Hewlett Packard (media PC!), Iomega & Le Chameau - reviews to follow idc.

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