Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What's in a name.....

Over the years I have met thousands of people, mostly with normal boring Anglo Saxon names, with a few foreign ones thrown in for good measure.

Whilst reading the Sunday Times Rich List 2006 suplement over the last couple of days I read with amazement & great hilarity that at number 26 with an estimated value of £1,704m is a guy by the name of Anurag Dikshit....

.... it just goes to show that for all of the money, fame & trappings of wealth there are still those who are less fortunate than most...... I don't include myself in that clearly as I have had my name taken in vein regularly for having the name Rice - you can imagine the brain cells that were burned by my classmates & colleagues in coming up with names like Rice Pudding, Rice Crispie, Riceicle, Pilau, Twicers (Twice as nice as Rice!?) et al, clearly I have gotten over it as I now regularly answer to Ricey, and anyway, I'd rather be called Arnold Shitefucker Pisshead McTwat & have £1bn in the bank!!!!

It reminded me of the all time classic name (although Anurag Dikshit does come close!) of a guy I met in Boston whilst working for Lotus Development named.... Randy Parrot (honest - it's true!)

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