Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Time for him to go again, and again, and again.......

John Prescott (and the entire Cabinet for that matter) must have the political lives of a f**king cat!

The only reason that Prescott might survive this one is that the Home Secretary Charles Clarke has fucked up in a much bigger way than he has at the same time, although Clarke has implied blame on previous incumbents & inter-Departmental inability to communicate - real leadership Mr Clarke!!

I only hope that Mrs Prescott gives him a complete lambasting & takes him for everything he has - maybe even go to the papers with the story & earn some money from her now sadly dented 40+ year marriage. She is clearly a very thick skinned woman who has put up with a great deal over the years - judging from his public persona Mr Prescott is an aggressive, rude, self-opinionated trade union militant-turned-MP, I doubt that his public face is any different from his private one.

Mr Prescott has admitted the affair and now calls for privacy - sorry John, you're in a very high profile Public position with life changing descisions in your hands for millions of people - a life that YOU alone have chosen - privacy is something you do not get whilst in Public Office, so resign & have your privacy or stay there & get treated with the contempt & rudeness you dish out yourself & deserve in return.

In 2002 the BBC reported on it's News website that speaking about his role as Deputy PM Prescott had said "It is a position I hold with honour." I say - bollocks Mr Prescott, you're a liar.

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