Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's been bugging me for a week.....

Last week I watched a re-run of the Frank Skinner chat show, Graham Coxon was guest - ex of Blur, he spoke about his time with Blur & meeting up with the band members & it feeling a bit like meeting 3 ex wives!? Now, I quite like Blur & watched with interest this geeky (just look at the picture) looking bloke who is clearly a very fine songwriter & was interested to hear his solo single "Freakin' Out", two things became instantly apparent.....

1. Mr Coxon was the musical force behind Blur & as such I would probably like what I was about to hear.

2. I had heard the intro before somewhere.

Having searched through my fairly large CD collection, along with iTunes, I have now found what I think is the similar intro.... "Into The Valley" by The Skids, the links take you to iTunes. I can recommend "Freakin' Out" - have a go at comparing them, it's not a sample, just a bit similar & it reminded me of a record from my youth.

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