Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Modem Update

A few weeks ago I bought the D-Link DSL-G604T Wireless ADSL Router, the problem is in the product description - ADSL.

My ISP is ntl: & they provide a Cable Modem Service not ADSL, so the cable is terminated not with a standard telco ADSL cable, but a screw thread connection. Doh!

I haven't returned the useless (to me) bit of kit, as I am considering a switch to BT ADSL. (I am waiting to see what ntl: are going to do in terms of pricing as they just announced their intention of getting their entire network capable of 10Mbps!)

I have since purchased a D-Link DI-624+ Wireless Router to replace my Belkin one which was a bit long in the tooth. The D-Link also allows me to use a high gain antenna & hopefully boost the signal, I can also now use 802.11g everywhere giving better connection speeds.

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Mr Ports said...

You should be able to get BT Business ADSL from IBM for free as long as you sometimes work from home. The service has just been upgraded to 2Mb. There is a place on the IBM intranet where you can apply (and also find out if BT can offer service at your location).