Saturday, September 10, 2005

Complete, total & utter network hardware refresh [maybe]

I haven't been impressed with the new D-Link stuff so far, so it's last chance is going to be a bit of help from one of these. A D-Link DWL G-710 Wireless Range Extender, it just plugs into the mains for power & repeats the wireless signal a bit further (so they say). Fingers crossed it might help push the boundaries of the 802.11x signal that is a little weak at present in one or two places.

Update : it appears to work very well, and really easy to setup. Just plug in power & connect with ethernet cable, configure, unplug ethernet & place some distance from the wireless router & hey presto the WiFi signal in the house goes off the scale! I will have a play with the other bits of kit at the weekend.

As a parallel test, I have also ordered the same suite of kit from Linksys. A Linksys WRT54GS Wireless Router & the Linksys WRE54G Wireless Range Expander\Repeater. Whichever works best will stay, the worst performer will be donated\sold to my brother.

After reading all the blurb from manufacturers & reviews from cyber geeks, it looks like the repeater technology doesn't cross manufacturer borders. They appear to do something proprietry, (yes, I know it's an astonishing claim!) that makes using a repeater from one manufacturer with a router from another a little difficult, if not impossible.

I have also been tempted by the Devolo MicroLink dLan kit which plugs into the house power supply & transfers data using the electrical wiring of the house.

So an update posted here soon with the results, my prediction is that D-Link will be finding a new home!

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