Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm on holiday (again!)

Yes, it's time to take another couple of weeks away from work, they pay me to do it, so I must obey!

No plans, loads of chores to catch up on & I'm having a wall repaired, so am sure I'll end up being the labourer.

Everything is going OK, didn't win the £77m EuroMillions, but I'm over it now. I do have to ask myself, what would I do with all that money anyway!? Feck, I'll bloody spend it like that!!!! Aston Martin, Rolex, Taittinger et al would all benefit from my outlandish spending, oh and I would also build a hospital as well (honest!)

1 comment:

Mr Ports said...

Easy Ricey, Don't forget to watch a bit of Cricket while you are on your hols. The Ashes seems like it is going to be the most interesting test cricket in years!