Thursday, June 30, 2005

iPod frenzy...

I have for a while been thinking about getting some form of MP3 player, reading press reviews & other Blogs such as Darren Adams & Ben's Blog I have finally decided on.... an Apple iPod Mini - to start with! I can't decide 100% what is best, I really like the idea of the Sonos System & I might go down that path later, but in the short term the iPod Mini will suffice. I have also bought the Bose Soundock, I have a couple of Bose systems at home & the sound quality is amazing, hopefully this won't disappoint. This has also required an OS upgrade on the iMac (bought more for its asthetic appeal than computing capability - no comments please, it's only a computer device, not a religion!) to allow me to share the music on my PC, which has also required a memory upgrade for the iMac as well.

I have to confess that now I've ordered it, I might have made mistake & am looking at the 20Gb iPod - colour screen! Doh!

Maybe the Sonos would have been cheaper!?

Update : The Bose Sounddock is fantastic, the sound quality is as good as my Bose Wave Radio\CD. The iPod mini is full already, so the previous comment about going for the 20Gb colour iPod could be reality soon!

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