Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Time for a new car....

I have over the last couple of weeks had a few issues with my car.

It's a nice car, I like it a lot, but two weeks ago it needed 2 new tyres coming in at £560 in total, last week it cost £550 to get serviced & they also told me it needed new brake discs & pads all round, coming to a projected cost of £720!!

I set my man at Audi Basingstoke a challenge on colour, mileage, price, finance & interior spec etc. He came through meeting all of my criteria without even a blink or "we can't possibly do it for that price" crap that all previous salesmen have come up with, so I signed on the dotted line today for one of these......

An Audi A8 4.2 Quattro Tiptronic in Silver with black leather, less expensive tyres on it and it even comes with a service contract thrown in, so no servicing costs for 3 years! Should be with me by end of the month.

I have been looking at updating it for a while, but these costs have spurred me onto doing it sooner rather than later. I told the service dept not to book me in for the brakes to be done, their sales team will be picking up the cost, not me!

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