Friday, April 08, 2005

Time for a new passport....

My passport expired a few days ago, I let it run its full course as I wanted to get out of going to my employers Worldwide kickoff, you need to have a passport with 6 months or more left on it to travel to the US.

I can't be doing with that sort of travelling anymore, I have done a lot of travelling in the last 20 years which I have enjoyed, but as I have got older & wiser I feel that my 6'4" frame doesn't like being squashed into a seat made for standard 5'8" person & now I hate it so much I don't do cattle class if I can get away with it, I'll happily pay for Club myself & travel less frequently. Even if I volunteered to pay the extra for Club Class my employer wouldn't let me - so bollocks to it, I ain't going.

I found the online pages of the UK Passport Service & have applied, paid my fee & the paperwork that needs to be filled in by my countersignatory arrived by post the very next day - easy as an easy thing.

UK Passport Service

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