Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mobile phones (plural) in cars....

I have an Audi S8 car, very very nice, with a built in Nokia cradle (from Cullman - if anyone knows anything about Cullman please let me know how I can get hold of them. I want to see if they do cradles for other Nokia's) for the rep's standard Nokia 6310i mobile phone. Works very well, integrated with the Bose\Audi TV\Nav\Radio\CD system etc.

I have 2 mobile phones, one for work, one for personal use, I have in the past run two 6310i's, but last year I upgraded to Nokia 6230 free of charge with my personal contract as Nokia ceased production of the 6310i (why!?, they are now selling reconditioned 6310i's for £244 & they are selling because they are good workhorses). The upgrade to the 6230 wasn't very useful given the I didnt want to have a 2nd car kit installed to accomodate my 6230 - so I continued to swap 6310i's as I merrily drove along. Leaving the 6230 in a draw at home.

I have today purchased an Icon Bluetooth Handsfree kit (also marketed by Expansys as the AiroBlue Bluetooth handsfree kit for £10 more than Argos have it for?). I don't understand why prices differ so much - a Nokia HDB-5 Boom headset from Expansys is £7.62 + vat of £1.33 which equals £8.95, add P&P of £2.80, that makes a grand total of £11.75, my local mobile phone shop (complete with spotty Assistant) wants to charge me £24.99 saying that its usually £29.99, but they are "doing me a deal". Yeah, bloody right, you're taking the piss & trying to rip me off!!!!! Hall of shame beckons I think.

Having had a little bit of time fiddling with it tonight (no Mr Jackson jokes please!) it appears to be OK, only trying it in the car will tell if I will be as happy with it when on the M3 travelling at 70mph(ish).

Update : All seems to work OK. Can be moved from car to car (as long as you have a cradle to put the phone into to keep Mr Plod happy [£15.99 from Halfords]) can even be used as a speaker phone in the office to save frying your brain with a mobile up to your ear.

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