Friday, March 11, 2005

Another collection on its way.....

I have over the last couple of years built a collection of Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, (I did think about this path for a while, as I'm sure that the Imari Pattern is a favourite of the local Gypo clans) I specifically only collect one type - birds.

I have however always liked the RCD Fish paperweights, they weren't very popular and were only in production for a couple of years. This year Royal Doulton commissioned a Pacific Angelfish, this spurred me onto collecting all of the fish paperweights as well. I'm sure that Royal Doulton may well ask Crown Derby to make one or two more in the coming years as well.

To this end, I have now bought 5 of the collection & the other 3 are reserved with a dealer for puchase next month.

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