Monday, March 28, 2005

All stop, financial diversion on it's way....

Hold everything, the investment in a Canon EOS 20D will have to wait a while (I know I don't NEED the bloody thing anyway, just a gadget\technology trip) and in reality, I probably won't wait, I'll just go get one next week instead!

I have today found the near mecca for Royal Crown Derby collecters up for sale, it may seem like a load of old tosh to the general population, but I've been searching a while for these....

A Bakewell Duck - limited edition of 500 produced by Royal Crown Derby for Sinclairs of Bakewell in 1995.

and a Mullberry Hall large Elephant limited edition of 500 again, produced by Royal Crown Derby for Mulberry Hall, York in 1997.

All I have to do now is negotiate a price!

Update : Couldn't agree price for both, so the Elephant it is. I'm not sure about the Bakewell Duck anyway, its a lot of money for something that really isn't that exciting apart from its rarity. Who knows, if I win the Lotto tonite I might buy it.

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