Saturday, March 12, 2005

Anything they can do.....

Over the last couple of months my next door neighbours have had the builders in to convert their loft space into 2 additional bedrooms with another bathroom. Not an easy path to tread as like most building "professionals" they have employed these guys are completely useless at estimating how long a job they have done many times before will actually take - initial estimates were 8 weeks, we are now in week 9 & have probably another 2 to go. They also plonked a flippin Portaloo on the driveway within hours of arriving - tasteful (not!) The neighbours are withholding payment installments & moonlighting plumber (brother of main contractor) is having a nervous breakdown. Needless to say, these "professionals" are not top of my list as prime candidates for working on my house, but I will utilise the experience of my neighbours to try & make my experience slightly easier.

I have to say that the idea of taking the smallest bedroom in the house & converting into an additional landing\stairwell area & gaining another bathroom & 2 double bedrooms does appeal, if only from the aspect of increasing property value & easy access storage space.

So I am going to put pen to paper & start squiggling some plans (I would like a different layout to next door) & jot down some ideas that accomodate my ideas of how best to utilise existing services & where to put stairs & bathroom etc. whilst still gaining 2 double bedrooms.

Photo's & sketches to follow....

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