Friday, March 16, 2012

Wall & roof repairs....

A couple of ridge tile repairs have been long overdue at Rice Towers, so when my next door neighbour had their gutters emptied & cleaned I enquired to the roofer whether he could undertake a couple of small jobs for me. He could he said & so I gainfully employed his services, whilst chatting to him it transpires he does chimney repairs & re-pointing & that he did his apprenticeship as a bricklayer - I've been looking for a decent brickie for ages to re-do the top course of bricks on a low wall with black engineering bricks, but couldn't find one that would commit to such a small job or do it for what I think is a reasonable amount. As it turned out Michael was free for a couple of days later in the week & could do it quickly & for a very competitive price. He has now done work for me & both my neighbours over the last couple of days, I would recommend him to anyone.

So if you live in Hampshire & need a good roofer who can turn his hand to a bit of remedial brickwork etc. the MB Roofing Contracts would be an excellent place to go. Michael Blake is a local business, he does what he says he will, he is completely trustworthy, he charges a fair price & the work is of an excellent standard. Visit his website for reviews & contact details - He drinks tea, with milk & 3 1/2 sugars!

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