Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring cleaning.....

A later start than anticipated meant that a change of plan was required, I set about car cleaning, so please meet Mr Clean & Mr Cleaner! 4.5 hours in total spent cleaning 2 cars, they hadn't been done properly since before Christmas, so it was looong overdue. Both looking shiny now, so hopefully they will be easier to keep looking better now I've invested a bit of tlc & time on them.

Sadly the late start (although I was awake & ready to go at 08:00, but put head back on pillow until phone rang at 11:00!?) meant that I haven't done anything of any note in the garden, so the list is now 25 items long with nothing crossed off it today. This probably means a few little chorettes will have to be undertaken in the evenings this week to catch up, luckily the daylight is getting longer by the day as we move into summer.

The first cut of forced rhubarb was had tonight, I roasted the stalks with brown sugar & a vanilla pod. The resulting fantastic perfumed syrupy dessert was amazing......

I've had an idea for more raised beds as I think I may have a desire to grow more than my existing beds will allow, so a couple of 2.4 x 1.2 metre oaks beds are being planned with a view to making them dedicated strawberry beds, thus freeing up 1/3rd of each of the existing raised beds for more beans and maybe some asparagus. This also probably means that I will go ahead with the gravel pathways idea between the raised beds.

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