Saturday, March 10, 2012

The first day of Spring?

Lawn raked & mowed, the normally trusty mower tried to die on me on the first day of use! Luckily it was an easy fix that took 5 mins - time to service the thing for the new season me thinks.

Raised bed #1 is now fully planted with berries, soft fruit & rhubarb, the cages have been installed to keep the birds off of the (expected) fruit. The black fibre membrane is a test to see what a gravel path might look like, I'm thinking that the grass will become compacted & worn as I tend the raised bed, so a gravel path might be an answer.... I am not 100% convinced, to do it properly will take a weekend or two, but I think it will be the solution I am looking for.

Raised be #2 has been fitted with cloches, the first 1/3rd has been dedicated to Strawberries as I had so many plants, the 2nd 1/3rd will be for potato's and the last 1/3rd will be for runner beans. That should be plenty to keep me going for the summer of 2012.

More to do tomorrow, the list is 20 long at the moment, if I can tick 5 off the list on Sunday I will be a happy man.

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