Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A good day....

... arrive at train station, no queue at Coffee shop - order coffee. Go to ticket office - no queue - get ticket. Back to pick up coffee - no queue. Walk to platform - empty & devoid of usual fuckwits who think they own the train everyone else travels on as well. Get seat on train with table - do loads of work on laptop for full journey time! Walk to office at Southbank - easily find hotdesk available [not normal] - sign on, log in and do a load of work. Mid morning coffee with ex-colleague - find out useful information. Back to desk - load more work. Have lunch with colleague, chew the fat, get some useful information, back to desk - load more work. Have tea with new colleague - get useful information, back to desk - load more work. Annual review with manager at 4pm - good result - another year of gainful employment. Walk to station, get train within 5 minutes and home for a Horse Feathers and lovely dinner of lamb casserole with some great red wine. Heaven! If only all days were as easy as this.

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