Saturday, February 02, 2008

Value for money from South West Trains.....

Everyone moans about how expensive train travel is nowadays, and most of the time with very good reason. I had a different experience that has been added to this week.

I buy a weekly season ticket for my journeys to & from London, it costs a good deal of money, currently £87.50 for 7 days. I don't use it every day, but if I travel into London twice in a 7 day period (which I invariably do) it saves my employer money - yes, I am lucky enough to be able to expense my travel costs, but I still watch what I am spending. If I were to buy a ticket on a daily basis, a standard day return would cost £44.50

Add to this a journey on Friday which I undertook from Andover to Reading (via Basingstoke) for a meeting with customer in the morning, then travel into London for meeting in afternoon, then travel home with the herds at 5.50pm Friday evening - all still covered by my weekly season ticket at no extra cost - bargain!

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