Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A brief history from Olympus to Canon.....

I've been taking photographs for 20+ years, I'm not particularly good at it, given the chance I put a camera into full auto mode & snap away. But given my interests in aviation, fully automatic\sports mode\landscape mode have suited my requirements.

I started out using some money left to me by my Grandfather to buy an Olympus OM30 kit from Dixons, it was over priced & totally shite, but I was hooked. I soon progressed into getting some after market lenses for it & then trading up to an OM2SP and I lusted after the OM4Ti, god knows why, not because the camera isn't great, it's just I would never have got any benefit from it's capabilities, they even made a gold plated OM2N! I had accessories like the Winder 2 which enabled me to waste film at a much faster rate of 2.5 frames per second and flash guns that would blind someone at 50 paces.

I then discovered that Olympus Zuiko lenses were clearly streets ahead of after market ones & set out to obtain one of these..... the Zuiko 85-250mm f5 [see above photo right]. What a revelation, the ability to zoom across such a wide range. Perfect for the work I was doing at airfields and events like the Epsom Derby.

Nowadays I use Canon kit, I think that the DSLR's they do are the best on the market. So an EOS 5D is now my main camera which gets attached to a wide variety of Canon lenses, the next of which will probably be one of these.... Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM, everyone I have spoken to who has seen & used one say it's the best Canon lens in the entire range.


Carl said...

1700 quid for a lens? Holy S*&t

Ricey said...

That's list price. £1,249 is the best I can find here. Sounds like it's about $1,850 in the US - so £925 !!!!!