Thursday, February 14, 2008

I hadn't quite realised the size of the problem......

..... yes, squirrels. I hate them! They are tree rats to me (as pidgeons are flying rats to me as well!).

I had over the winter thought that the numbers were high in my garden & surrounding area, but only when I saw 5 in the same space did I decide to take drastic action by culling them.

So I started to shoot the little furry sweet looking things [not my terminology, but my neighbour thinks that way - my view is a little different - disease ridden, bird nest raping, tree bark stripping little bastards!].

So I quickly and quietly got to 5 clean kills with my Theoben .20 Rapid air rifle, but there were clearly more to be had - 12 so far! More to follow, I'll give them a couple of days to feel more comfortable moving around & see how many there are to be had before they start breeding!

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Carl said...

I have lots of red squirrels, but I also have about 10 sq miles of perfect wooded habitat behind my house. I have taken to catching one a day in a trap and driving them to the local church car park where they run into and under the church and I hope stay and live.

I do think a bazooka would be nice, but I still think of them as cute little Tufty. When I find damage to the house, I'm sure I'll go to the local Walmart and buy a semi automatic something or other.