Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yummy bargain.....

On a recent trip to my favourite wine merchant, BBR Outlet in Basingstoke, I noticed what can only be best described as a "boringly labelled magnum of Champagne", if there is such as thing, this was it. Maybe uninteresting would be a better way of putting it.

Luckily the name on the label rang a bell... Roederer is well known in the Champagne world with the name Louis Roederer, but I had also heard of Theophile Roederer somewhere and decided that the £29.00 being asked for the last magnum on the shelf was worth a punt.

Turns out to have been an inspired choice, it was fantastic. Sadly only bottles left at BBR now, but at less than £15.00 still a bargain. Strangely labelled altogther differently.

Also noted after a bit of searching was a Theophile Roederer history from the Irish Post, where he is linked to Champagne Cristal, which as everyone knows was the toast of the Russian Tsars and current tipple of P Diddy, Nelly et al (oh and Dr Evil!)

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