Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rent a stalker.....

... but it actually sounds like a great idea in the end.

London Photo Bloggers reported a few days ago about a new idea of taking candid shoots of a person going about their normal day & presenting them as gift portfolio.

"MethodIzaz is a unique photography experience. Using information provided earlier about their weekly routine, the photographer will arrive on the scene, and unseen, take shots of the subject. Subjects are unaware of the exact moment they will be photographed and of the photographer's identity. Instead, the subject is photographed completely naturally, living life as normal. "

Looks like it's only in New York at the moment, but I'm sure someone will start up in London soon enough.

The image [left] is of a bronze somewhere in Bratislava, I think it's a really good piece. It apparently is on the corner of a building housing a restaurant call The Paparazzi.

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