Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Brits 2006.....

Prince was great, James Blunt very good on stage, bit weird when being interviewed..... who should be bothered whether Madonna & Guy Ritchie are having marital problems - no-one but them!

Coldplay - don't really care whether they split or not, I'm not a big fan, although I have bought an album, but can you see a similarity with a Kraftwerk riff?

Listen to this.... iTunes link to Kraftwerk song "Computer Love" 3 seconds into the sample

Then this.... iTunes link to Coldplay song "Talk" 20 seconds into the sample

20/01/2010 UPDATE : I've just listened to BBC Radio 2 programme "The Man Machine : The Story of Kraftwerk" where Chris Martin of Coldplay was interviewed about how they used the Computer Love riff! He explained how they did at least write to Kraftwerk (in German!) to ask permission & he said it was more like a fan letter. It seems the Kraftwerk team are well sampled in all kinds of music genres, unbelieveable to find out that the vast majority of artists don't seek permission.

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