Monday, February 21, 2005

What else, but the weather....

In truely British style I must pass comment on the weather, it is said to be the Brits favourite choice of conversation. I have to say I am a keen weather watcher, I do have several gadget's & gizmo's that measure the temperature & air pressure etc. The weather warnings over the last 24 hours or so have had the normal effect of stopping people getting into their cars & going anywhere, but I'm sure that the normal prats will be out there doing 70mph+ down the M3 as they normally do, but without a second thought of quadrupled braking distances. I am not the worlds biggest fan of snowfall anymore (clearly as a child it was fantastic as the school's shut as soon as the first flake fell on the sports hall roof!), but at least I know how to drive & walk around in it after being challenged by the mega snowfall the first winter after my driving test & a year spent living in Switzerland walking everywhere.

A few small flurries of sleet in Andover so far today, none of the snowfall we have been threatened with. At 3.1C its just cold enough for snow & if it does, I'm sure that it will settle as the ground is cold enough after a few dry clear days.

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