Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Website development, or not....

I have over the last couple of weeks thought more & more about creating my own website, the first stage is this incarnation using the oh so simple blogger tool, nothing could be easier. I have already registered domains for various idea's & am paying "rent" already for said names.

So I am about to embark on the road to website development all on my ownsome, but what to use? I did use to be a techie for Lotus - but I'll be the first to admit I blagged a lot of it (I can hear Darren Adams say rude words about me already! My technical skills began with a great user knowledge, skill & mind bending slight of hand of Lotus Freelance Graphics (its amazing how much more quickly a product can be used with all of the DOS shortcuts in your head!), levelled out with an average skill level of Lotus 1-2-3 macro's, but probably ended with the advent of Lotus Script, I have no programming background at all & the idea of using such tools as NetFusion Objects or such like makes me shiver more than a ice cube in a glass of vodka!

Having read reviews, I am toying with the idea of Microsoft FrontPage 2003, but really cannot bring myself to buy another product from the Dark Side. All I want to do is create a couple of dozen static pages that are real easy to edit with various links & photo's contained within. My ISP supports uploading pages with MS FrontPage, and its WYSIWYG are prime reasons for considering it - it sound fairly easy!?

So I'm about to walk into the electronic Mall that is & spend £112 of my hard earned cash on it - unless you can tell me a good reason not to do so....


Darren said...

My favourite memory of you and I was the day we were bored in the office, and I placed a large jiffy bag on my head (like a hat) and you tried to knock it off by throwing balls of rolled up paper. Just then the Corporate Sales Manager walked past with a customer. How we laughed.

And of course, there was the merciless victimisation of a certain Scottish account manager, a man who used his mobile phone so much they had to employ a freight company to deliver his itemised bill.

Darren said...

Just read the rest of your post. Rather than spending money on FrontPage, there is a tool that comes with WebSphere Studio that you could use for free as an IBM employee. Or buy Dreamweaver which is vastly superior to FrontPage.

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