Saturday, February 15, 2014

A stormy night....

I went for dinner at a friends house in Amport on Friday night - a non-Valentines Day evening, works for me.

After a couple of glasses of recently discovered Bourgogne Aligote I had helped my host purchase from BBR in Basingstoke, dinner was about to be served when the power went off, luckily it was only off momentarily, so the euphoric cheer of the dinner party guests probably masked what was going on outside, this tree had fallen across the road & rested on the power & phone cables. Needless to say the exit at 1:00AM to meet the taxi was a bit of assault course test, but we managed.
When I went back earlier today to pick up the car, I saw this sight, the water level has risen so far that water is spouting through the manhole covers along the road. Water was also spurting water through the vent holes the retaining wall if the garden creating a wonderful lake on the patio & a river coursing through the gravel driveway, nothing like the floods in Surrey, but worrying enough.
A little further down the road, the sound of chainsaws continued & this huge tree was next on the list for firewood..... makes my broken fence panels & posts seem an insignificant inconvenience.

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