Sunday, September 29, 2013

A walk in the (Royal) Park.....

A walk from Bishopsgate to Windsor was had today, 3.5 miles each way, it would have been better without the Windsor Half Marathon taking place, but nevertheless a nice, warm, sunny autumnal day was had. Saw lots of flora & fauna in the morning, the start of rutting season meant that the stags were barking & displaying, but as soon as the masses arrived everything went off to hide.

A return trip soon for the Autumn colours will be had.

Quite surprised how close you could get to this stag, I was expecting a Japanese tourist to go & sit next to it & have a photo taken.
The standard view from the George III statue looking north along the Long Walk to Windsor Castle, lovely spot, shame about the aircraft noise!

At the top of the Long Walk close to the Castle gates, these willow arches have been erected to commemorate something. Quite interesting, but not quite as interesting to note that in the 1800's this area was particularly known for the loitering prostitutes allegedly servicing the needs of the gated community within!

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