Saturday, September 29, 2012

The workshop interior takes shape......

The interior of the workshop is now starting to take shape, I built my own benches in the end as I could make them a bit taller than standard ones & this will save my back from aching, I normally have to lean over all the time on standard height ones. It also allows for better storage underneath for tool boxes etc.... I found some plans on the internet & used 3" x 2" treated timber & 3" screws with white kitchen worktops sourced from Homebase (they were damaged so reduced in price - I managed to cut off the damaged bits) in the hope it will reflect more light from the newly installed roof light. One side has been fitted out with shelving & storage boxes for materials & the garage is being emptied of tools\hobby material\clutter on a daily basis. A few more weekends work is ahead of me, but in the end I hope to have all the work-working tools & equipment in one place & accessible for the first time.

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