Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another looong day in the garden.....

Another long day in garden, shifting soil, putting bark chippings on the borders, manure on the fruit tree bases, pruning & dividing Rhubarb & Raspberry plants from neighbours garden & replanting into mine.

An afternoon visit to a friend at their new allotment to give them a spare crown of rhubarb & to see their progress at digging over a long neglected & forgotten plot - lot's and lot's of digging still required!

I also saw the most brilliant idea for forcing Rhubarb so I am going to give it a try. Cut the bottom 1/3rd off a small wheelie bin & use the top 2/3rds to cover rhubarb plant, easy access with the lid & total darkness - perfect for forcing an early crop!

All finished off with a nice soak in the bath, a roast chicken dinner with apple pie & custard to finish.

I will sleep well tonight......

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