Sunday, May 30, 2010

Work have made me an offer......

No, not that kind of offer (yet). The opportunity to purchase an iPhone 3GS for work, I purchase the handset (at a slightly reduced cost) and they continue to pay for my line rental & business calls, with the promise that they will pick up the data costs from Q3 of this year when they roll out work email on Smartphones for all & a load of internal apps.

So a couple of months to get up to speed with the interface & download some apps for me to play with, then hopefully a very powerful & useful business tool with email & instant messaging all built in to a small, handy personal device.

Having had a Blackberry Curve for quite a while now, I would have preferred one of those, but this way I have both Apple & Blackberry devices, I wonder if the next market leader will be the Custard!?

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